Louisenlund - Lernen, Leisten, Leben

Louisenlund now also awards the High School Diploma

The IB World School Stiftung Louisenlund is now officially an accredited member of the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC). Louisenlund has thus decided to its expand portfolio of degrees. Besides the Abitur and the IB Diploma, there is now also a High School Diploma, awarded to the students in the IB Diploma Programme who have completed the programme and attained to a minimum standard set by the school. This diploma entitles students to study at American colleges and universities in particular. However, there are also numerous other universities where the High School Diploma (NEASC accredited) is recognized. For students who do not successfully complete the IB Diploma, the High School Diploma is of great advantage. After all, it is still possible to study at accredited universities. The first graduating cohort to receive the High School Diploma will be the Class of 2019.

Jeffrey Bradley, Director of the Comission in International Education, stated: “The entire Louisenlund community should be proud of their collective growth and achievements since the beginning of the accreditation process. It is a testament to what is possible when a group of dedicated, caring professionals work together in a collaborative culture that is intently focused on student wellbeing and learning. Louisenlund has successfully created a positive learner-focused environment where each voice is valued."

The Louisenlund Foundation is very pleased about the accreditation and is now one school-leaving certificate richer. "This will make our international school even more attractive for those who can imagine studying abroad after completing their schooling," says Damien Vassallo, Head of the IB.