Louisenlund - Lernen, Leisten, Leben

Preserving Values, taking responsibility, shaping the future

Founded in 1949 by the Duke, Friedrich of Schleswig-Holstein and the reform pedagogue Kurt Hahn, the Louisenlund Foundation looks back on a long tradition of holistic education, encouraging young people to become independent, confident and globally minded adults. To this day the school enjoys a reputation as one of the best of its kind and is seen as an example to others.

Set on the banks of the Schlei fjord the Louisenlund campus provides the perfect setting for our students to live and learn. For over 70 years our students, whether in the primary school, the gymnasium or the IB World School, have enjoyed optimal conditions in which to discover and develop their talents and become strong and confident members of society. Each student learns to take on responsibility, become a team player and enjoy trusting relationships with peers.

The Junior School – Hof Louisenlund is situated on the former farm, with a Study Centre, which opened in 2020, in a converted barn. This building has been especially constructed for “New Louisenlund Pedagogy”, giving children the opportunity to learn at their own pace, accompanied by experienced teaching staff, who support and encourage them to have fun pursuing their talents and interests, whilst learning and solving problems - alone and with their classmates. Children in Louisenlund take more responsibility for their own learning, having the chance to research, in more detail, topics which especially interest them and to pursue their talent in such areas. One of the strengths of this elite boarding school is the high number of pedagogic staff (more than in any other school) constantly on hand to work with each child throughout his or her academic journey.

Everyday life in a boarding school is never boring; there is always something going on. Living in a boarding school means being a member of a community and enjoying companionship all day every day. Members of the Louisenlund family enjoy trust and a strong feeling of belonging; students, past and present, old and young tell enthusiastically of lifelong friendships made in this top educational institution.

Before entering the 6th Form students make a choice between the German Abitur and the International Baccalaureate Diploma (taught in English). Those students aiming for an international career will choose to study for the internationally recognized IB Diploma, which opens the door to top universities the world over – Oxbridge in the UK or Harvard or Yale in the United States. Global mindedness and tolerance are qualities they will have learned at Louisenlund.

We are proud to say that our school is popular with students from all over the world, like José (17) from Spain and Ivan (16) from Belarus. “I wanted to learn German and English” says José, “and so the IB in Louisenlund was just right for me”. José has been a student at Louisenlund since 2019 and will graduate with his IB Diploma in the summer of 2022. He praises his school: “Everyone at Louisenlund is so friendly and it’s not too big, not like other boarding schools.” José is a passionate sailor and captain of the Debating Society.

Ivan is new this year and the 16 year old from Belarus tells us how quickly he settled in and how happy he is to be here. After completing his IB Ivan would like to study Engineering in Germany. His aunt, a teacher at a private school in Switzerland, knew of Louisenlund’s reputation and recommended the school to Ivan and his parents. This good reputation has proved to be justified and Ivan says, “I was warmly welcomed and love the fact that there are so many international students here.”

Furthermore, Louisenlund is Northern Germany’s first STEM talent centre. Within our caring community students with a particular interest in Maths, IT, Science and Technology will find the opportunity to develop and nurture their talents. For Yi Zhu (19) from China the STEM-plus programme is exactly what he was looking for. However, the academic side is not all that he likes about Louisenlund, “the guilds and the sports are great”, he says. He has learnt to study independently and when he needs help there is always an experienced teacher nearby.

When classes are over Louisenlund comes up trumps with the unbeatable amount of over 40 creative, sporting and business activities for its students. Students can sail from the school’s own harbour or play hockey or football on the sports field. The large hall complex, with its own climbing wall, offers students the chance to play many indoor games, as well having spaces for music and drama. On our small farm a variety of animals is kept and the children enjoy looking after them and playing with them during their free time. At Louisenlund students can challenge themselves and have fun at the same time in the company of their friends. The great sense of community and belonging, which lasts a lifetime, is what makes a school career at Louisenlund so special.

In case you need further informations about the admissions process for international students, please do not hesitate to contact the admissions office.

Tel. +49 4354 999-333

Mail: aufnahme@louisenlund.de