Louisenlund - Lernen, Leisten, Leben

Education in Louisenlund – the first step to a successful future

For over 70 years Louisenlund has stood for academic success and leisure time in harmony with one another. A wide variety of foreign languages, bilingual teaching (English and German), international understanding and treating each child individually, form the basis of an education at Louisenlund.

The pedagogy of the school is founded upon a passionate vision, without losing sight of the importance of high academic standards. Our mission is to nurture students towards an optimal shaping of their future. The emphasis is on the individual, with the student at the centre of all decisions. Whilst acquiring vital skills, standards and qualifications, the central aim remains the holistic education of young people.

Development of personality, holistic acquisition of knowledge

The spiritual and pedagogical basis of our work as educators at Louisenlund lies in the ideas of the reform educator Dr. Kurt Hahn. Academic and pastoral staff, as well as mentors and coaches have the interests of the individual at heart; relationships, community spirit, self-esteem and a positive attitude are what counts. Accordingly, an education at Louisenlund means holistic development of personality and personal drive, as well as empathy and a responsible attitude towards the community and fellow men and women.

Time for learning. Time for nurturing talent.

Living together in boarding houses, or in the case of day students, spending the whole day on the campus, is central to an education at Louisenlund. Bodies such as the school parliament or participation in global projects, such as Model United Nations, give our students the opportunity to experience democracy at first hand. As members of the Politics or the Debating Society, students learn to be critical and to form and express their opinions coherently.

Great importance is also placed on cultural activities, such as Art, Music and Drama. Furthermore, sporting activities allow individual talent and strengths to come to the fore and to be developed. Louisenlund students are encouraged to participate in Community Service, both locally and further afield.

Today we are good, tomorrow we will be better
Dr. Peter Rösner, Head of Stiftung Louisenlund

A culture of recognition and acceptance

High regard and respect for one another are qualities firmly anchored in our educational philosophy. For this reason, we consider end of term or end of year reports to be more than just grades and teachers’ comments. At graduation students receive a certificate documenting the many aspects which have led to the development of character and personality. Throughout his or her school career a student receives feedback, in the form of a written report, acknowledging efforts and achievements in extra-curricular activities as well as in service to the school and community. In this way, Louisenlund students are nurtured into becoming strong individuals.


Guilds and activities

Extra-curricular activities round-off the holistic pedagogical concept at Louisenlund. A wide range of guilds, service opportunities and courses give young people the chance to develop talents, nurture their interests and to learn to take on responsibility for others, as well as for themselves.

Extra-curricular activities give students the chance to develop, in a more practical way, and therefore enhance understanding of topics covered in lessons, as well as increasing self-confidence and social awareness. Students elect extra-curricular activities from the fields of Sport, Cultural Arts, Politics, Service and Technology.

Sailing – “on course” through teamwork

Since the foundation of the school, sailing has been an integral part of the education of Louisenlund students. The founders placed great importance on the inclusion of sailing, as well as community service, in the curriculum. Both Dinghy and Cutter sailing give students of all ages the opportunity to participate in experiential education, thereby learning to communicate, rely on each other and experience teamwork at first hand.

Extra-curricular activities for students of the IB in Louisenlund

For students of the IB in Louisenlund, the extra-curricular activities (in the form of the CAS programme) are part of the compulsory core subjects necessary to achieve the IB Diploma: IB students must choose activities from the areas of Creativity, Activity and Service.

Extra-curricular activities in the IB Diploma Programme More information on our extra-curricular activities can be found in the IB section of the website!

Development of Talents

We believe that children and young people are full of hidden talents. An important part of education must be to discover and nurture these talents and to develop the personality of every individual. The main idea of Louisenlund’s pedagogy is the belief that young people do not just become what they are, but that they are what they want to become.


Every student should be given a wide variety of opportunities to discover where their strengths lie and to fulfil their potential:

  • Academic learning in Louisenlund is enriched by an extensive programme of extra-curricular activities, which enable students to discover and fulfil their potential.

  • The plus-MINT curriculum offers high achievers, in the STEM subjects, the chance to live out their enthusiasm and further develop their talent in these areas.

  • Bilingual teaching, global-mindedness and intensive career counselling prepare students for the globalised world which will be their future.

  • Study techniques not only prepare students for their Abitur or IB, but also equip them for further education in Germany or overseas.

  • Louisenlund prepares students for a globalised world, not only through the IB, which is taught in English, but also through extensive international contacts.

  • Moral concepts and critical thinking developed in Louisenlund can be intensified through membership of the Politics or Debating Societies, as well as in exchange with schools and institutions worldwide.

In Louisenlund we give students room to systematically develop their talents and interests and to grow into strong personalities.
Frank Dallmeyer, Head of plus-MINT programme Louisenlund

Career Counselling


At Louisenlund we consider it our responsibility to prepare students for a successful future. Career counselling is an integral part of the curriculum for senior school students and a careers counsellor is on hand to assist and advise.


Internships enable students in Years 8 - 10 to experience the working world. They spend time working in a business of their choice and thereby begin making initial decisions for the future. In Year 10 the students begin intensive consultation with the careers advisor. They consider the subject choices necessary for possible career paths or university and make decisions regarding their courses for the upper school. They also receive advice regarding the choice between the IB or the Abitur.


In Years 11 and 12 (Abitur and IB) the students have increased opportunities for careers advice. In cooperation with the Alumni Society, “ALB”, the school offers job application training, including simulated interviews with existing businesses.

The ALB also organises an annual Job Fair for students in Years 11-12 (Abitur and IB), which gives students the opportunity, through presentations and discussions, to become familiar with many of the career options open to them.

Every two years Louisenlund hosts the University Day on which representatives of many further education institutions come to the school to talk to and advise students through presentations and individual consultations.

In Year 12 the Ministry of Employment comes to school to give advice to graduating students.

It is our heartfelt wish that students should develop strong individual personalities.
Matthias Brock, English and History