Louisenlund - Lernen, Leisten, Leben

Welcome to Louisenlund

The Louisenlund Foundation is located near Schleswig, directly on the Schlei. With its castle, courtyard and other school, farm and residential buildings, Louisenlund almost looks like a small village surrounded by natural forests.

Stiftung Louisenlund
Boarding School  | Grammar School | IB World School
Louisenlund 9
24357 Güby

T +49 4354 999-0
F +49 4354 999-171

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How do I get to Louisenlund? You can download a map here.

Admissions offices

Admission office international

Kirsten Conradi
P +49 4354 999-307

Project Management Summercamp

Sigrid Redlefsen
P +49 4354 999-333


Secretary's office of the head of Louisenlund

Martina Kock
P +49 4354 999-301

School office

Iris Kaisik
P +49 4354 999-302

School office

Bettina von Bargen
P +49 4354 999-351

Press and Public Relations

Press and public relations, marketing

Sven Meier
P +49 4354 999-393

Press and public relations, marketing

Daniel Hoth
P +49 4354 999-405

Social Media

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We help save lives!

The Louisenlund Foundation is equipped with two defibrillators. With these devices, especially developed for the medical layman, we can save the lives of people who suddenly suffer from cardiac or circulatory failure. We would like to thank the sponsors and defiMED for this important support!