Louisenlund - Lernen, Leisten, Leben

Primary School Louisenlund – optimal learning environment for the youngest of children.

The privately funded primary school, with all day supervision, awakes children’s curiosity and interest in learning. Louisenlund, from primary school through to graduation (IB or Abitur), offers the opportunity for children to benefit from one pedagogical concept for their entire school career.

The Primary School is situated in beautiful surroundings on the banks of the Schlei fjord, between Schleswig and Eckernfoerde. In some of the most attractive countryside in Schleswig-Holstein, children learn the basic skills of reading, writing and Mathematics, as well as developing their natural creativity in the Arts and Music. From Year 1 onwards emphasis is laid on the STEM, with a particular focus on Science, Technology and Mathematics.


Louisenlund’s pedagogical concept allows children individualised, independent learning with room to develop the skills of research and discovery. Academic staff function as “coaches”, working side by side with the children as they make their own discoveries. The pedagogical concept is based on the ideas of Maria Montessori and Kurt Hahn, combined with the most recent findings of educational research studies. The ideas of the nationwide foundation “Haus der Kleinen Forscher” (Young Scientists) play an important role in the children’s learning. Staff are continually looking for ways to encourage children’s natural curiosity and to integrate this into the curriculum.

The Primary School Louisenlund develops personality and nurtures talent. Activity-orientated and experience-based learning form the basis of our learning and teaching aims, with the children themselves at the centre of the process.

The most valuable thing we can give our children is successful start in life.
Andrea Blady, Art teacher, Primary School


Louisenlund Primary School guarantees a high standard of education through regular lesson times in small classes with well qualified staff.

The basic charge for the Primary School is €170 per month. Meals, supervision and activities, which will be charged extra, can be booked individually. (See extra costs)

The Louisenlund Shuttle bus, from the meeting points to school, can also be booked individually.


 MonthlySix-monthlyper annum
Tuition (Years 1 – 4)170 €1.020 €2.040 €
Books and Materials10 €60 €120 €