Louisenlund - Lernen, Leisten, Leben

Louisenlund Full Time Grammar School – well-grounded, recognised, in-depth education

The Louisenlund Foundation is a state accredited grammar school. The school is in Schleswig-Holstein, between Schleswig and Eckernfoerde and is open, not only to young people from the local area, but also from the whole of Germany and the world. For over 70 years the private school Louisenlund has stood for academic success and leisure time in harmony with one another.  A wide variety of foreign languages, bilingual teaching (English and German), international understanding and treating each child as an individual, form the basis of an education at Louisenlund. In the afternoons students of all ages invest great energy and enthusiasm into their extra-curricular activities – guilds.

Trust as a basis for learning

Members of the Senior Management Team and many of the teaching staff live on the campus, thereby supporting students throughout their time in Louisenlund. This trusting and professional relationship guarantees all of our students the best possible education.

Junior and Upper School

Junior and Upper School in Louisenlund

Students in Years 5 – 9 attend the Junior School and are mainly from the local area. Many spend a large part of the day on the campus, but return home to their families in the evenings. Lessons and extra-curricular activities are coordinated and importance is placed on close staff supervision. Staff get to know students well and are therefore able to encourage and support them in all areas.

At the end of the Middle School, students take exams, unique to Louisenlund, in Mathematics, English and German, with an oral exam in English. They also do a presentation on a personal project. These exams provide an excellent preparation and assessment for the transition to the Upper School with its much higher academic demands.


At the end of Year 9 students move into the upper school where they begin their Abitur courses. Louisenlund offers courses or profiles in 4 areas. Courses are offered according to student demand:

  • Languages
  • Science and Ecology
  • Social Sciences
  • Aesthetic – Arts

Upper School students are based on the Louisenlund Castle campus. Great benefit is derived from living full time, learning and studying on the campus. The extra-curricular activities are an important part of the curriculum. In services, guilds and activities the students have the chance to consolidate and develop skills and talents and to prepare further for later careers.

The Abitur – a strong start to the future

At this stage, the furthering of academic interests and the development of independent study, as well as the strengthening of possible weaknesses become foremost. The aim of the Abitur in Louisenlund is to produce inquisitive young adults who are thirsty for knowledge. Our students are well-equipped to face the economical, ecological, social and political challenges of the future. Louisenlund graduates are knowledgeable citizens with a sense of responsibility who are willing to play a leading role in the world of tomorrow.

As well as the Abitur certificate Louisenlund students receive a report documenting their character and personality development and recognising their achievements in terms of social commitment and engagement in the community.

Holistic knowledge transfer is the basis of our education.
Dr. Kerstin Tschekan, Head of Grammar School

You can find out more about the pedagogical guiding principles of the grammar school in the section Education.


Weekends in Louisenlund


Louisenlund works with a 14-day timetable. In the “A”-week, classes for students in Years 8 – 12 are held from Monday at 8.15 am until Saturday at 1.15 pm. In the “B”-week, classes finish at 1.15 pm on Friday for everyone.


The weekend at the end of an “A”-week is known as an Active Weekend, offering many activities to choose from. Many students spend these weekends in school, voluntarily, taking part in workshops or courses and enjoying the community spirit together with their friends.

A small number of such weekends are compulsory and known as “Boarding Weekends”. On Boarding Weekends students take part in exam preparation courses, sports events or workshops run by clubs or societies.


On free weekends, most students take the opportunity to travel home or to spend the weekend with friends. For the international students, excursions are organised, for example to Berlin, Hamburg or to the coast, to give them the opportunity to get to know Germany better. These excursions are open to all students.


Classes 5 and 6 end on Friday in A-week at 4.30 pm and on Friday in B-week at 2 pm. The children spend the weekend at home, with a few exceptions, such as the harbour festival or boarding school weekends for the whole school.


Convenient with the Lund-Shuttle to the school

The external students have the possibility to use the daily Lund-Shuttle. This will bring the students from the Eckernförde and Schleswig directions to Louisenlund and back as required. This means that parents have no additional travel time to enable their child to study at Louisenlund all-day high school.

Parental Consultation and Admissions

The way to Louisenlund Grammar School

Choosing the right school and changing schools is a special challenge for parents and children, which should be carefully considered. And so the right school provides the child with all the opportunities for the future.

We are happy to inform interested parents and children about our offer and the possibilities offered by the Louisenlund Grammar School.

In order for you to gain an authentic impression we would be pleased to invite you to visit us personally at Louisenlund. This would also give us the opportunity to meet you and your child and to assess whether we can fulfil your expectations. A personal meeting is also a chance for you to gain insight into our academic and pedagogical concepts.


  • Telephone contact with the Admissions Office
  • Interview appointment
    • Year 5:
      • Arrange a trial week with subsequent reflection and feedback
      • Acceptance and 3-month probationary period

Our recording team is at your disposal for any questions - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Admission office

Kirsten Conradi
P +49 4354 999-333

Admission office

Rosemarie Tyllack
P +49 4354 999-333



As a private school and non-profit foundation, the budget is financed mainly by parental contributions. The parental contribution is determined by the board of directors as the annual rate for one school year.

Pupils can attend the Grammar School as "external students", "day students" or "internal students".

Cost analysis for German day students

 once a monthin the tertialanually
Years 5-7 (Junior School)1.492 €5.968 €17.904 €
Years 8-10 (Middle School)1.567 €6.268 €18.804 €
Years E, Q1, Q2 (Upper School)1.684 €6.736 €20.208 €
tuition costs included therein210 €840 €2.520 €
Louisenlunder graduates are highly educated, ready to work and strong on their way into the world.
Frank Dallmeyer, Step leader