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Plus-MINT – a scheme for students with talent in STEM subjects.

As a talent centre, Louisenlund supports students with above average ability and motivation in Mathematics, IT, Sciences and Technology.


A four-year course (Years 9 – 12) leads participants in this programme towards the German Abitur with emphasis on STEM subjects. They work closely with partner organisations from engineering, chemistry and technology to develop their talent and to take part in research projects organised by universities. In some cases, they even begin a university course of study. Extra-curricular activities in these areas give students the opportunity to gain practical experience and to intensify their understanding of topics covered in class. At the same time, they are very much a part of boarding school life and therefore benefit from all it has to offer.

To achieve excellence, talent, hard work and time must be given to gifted young people. It is pleasing to see all three aspects within the plus-MINT programme.
Prof. Dr. Theodor W. Hänsch, Nobel Prize Winner, Physics, 2005



The plus-MINT curriculum in Louisenlund is a special programme for students in Years 9 – 12. It consists of internships and seminars in Research Institutions and leads to the German Abitur.

In Years 9 and 10 the students receive intensive training in the STEM subjects. As well as 5 hours of Mathematics per week, the timetable allows for block lessons in Biology, Chemistry, IT, Physics and Technology. This gives the students the time to carry out individual and group projects.

In the first year of the upper school, elect to follow a course of study concentrating on either Physics and Biology or Chemistry. This allows for more intensive work, in smaller groups, specific to each student’s individual talents.

Partner organisations offer subject-specific modules, for example computer programming, laboratory work, metalwork, spray casting or business administration. This allows students a chance to look more closely at possible career and research opportunities, therefore increasing their motivation and interest.

The cooperation with universities allows students the chance to participate in courses at further education level and thereby gain credits points for their subsequent university degree courses. The combination of intensive academic training and work with current questions of development leads to optimal support enabling students to fulfil their potential.

Applying for the Talent Development Programme Plus-MINT in Louisenlund


Acceptance on the programme is gained through the organisation MINT-Talent Support e.V.

The curriculum is aimed at Germany’s top students in the STEM subjects.

High achieving students in Year 8 with excellent results in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry Technology and IT can apply to the programme. The programme is offered annually.


Participants or even prize winners of the competitions Young Scientist of the Year, Mathematics Olympics, or other science or mathematics competitions are eligible to apply. Students who are passionate about STEM subjects are also welcome to apply. Ideally the student’s grades in one or more of these subjects should be good or very good. The curriculum is also directed at young people who enjoy building models, for example LEGO Technik. Students with excellent skills in IT, maybe more skilled than their teachers, are the people we are looking for. Also, those who participate in clubs after school in these areas may be considered.


Students in Year 8 should apply with a short letter of motivation to the organisation MINT-Talent Support. The application process is in 3 parts. The second step is to send a more detailed application including school reports and a letter of recommendation. The best candidates will be invited to attend the Plus-MINT research weekend. Detailed information can be found on the website plus-MINT.

Admission office

Kirsten Conradi
P +49 4354 999-333

Admission office

Rosemarie Tyllack
P +49 4354 999-333