Louisenlund - Lernen, Leisten, Leben

The Louisenlund Foundation - the future has tradition here

In the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, the Baltic Sea stretches out its arm as a welcoming gesture to students to begin here their journey which will lead them out into the world. Then, Louisenlund is situated here at the end of that arm, in the Schlei fjord.

The Louisenlund Foundation has created a school system with learning and teaching methods which prepare students for the future. To be equipped for the future students must develop social awareness and a strong personality. Since the very beginning, the private foundation, Louisenlund has strived to achieve a holistic education for its students. Moreover, Louisenlund is embedded in a network of international contacts and partner schools. Around 440 students benefit from an education in a global environment whilst enjoying, at the same time the familiar atmosphere of the campus.


The entire staff and senior management team is committed to these principles.

Senior Management

Dr. Peter Rösner | Head of Louisenlund Foundation, since 2014
Damien Vassallo | Head of IB, Deputy Director of Louisenlund Foundation and pedagogical Director
Fabian Müller | Head of Campus Live

Kai Deißner | Deputy Headmaster Grammar School, Head of Quality Management
Frank Dallmeyer | Head of plus-MINT Programme
Petra Hau | Deputy Headmaster IB, Diploma Programme Coordinator, MYP Coordinator
Claudia Hoeschen | Headmaster Elementary School

Alexander Kinny | Head of Finance
Gabriele Grube | Direction new buildings

Board of Governors

The governing board oversees the running of the school and the pedagogical concept and functions as an advisory committee for the senior management team.

Ingeborg Prinzessin zu Schleswig-Holstein | Chairperson
Christian Graf von Brockdorff | Vice Chairman
Prof. Dr. Sabine Rau
Clemens Graf von Wedel

The Board of the Louisenlund Foundation (from left to right: Clemens Graf von Wedel, Prof. Dr. Sabine Rau, Ingeborg Princess of Schleswig-Holstein, Christian Graf von Brockdorff)

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees, which is composed of volunteers, supports the board of directors and school management in the implementation of the set goals, elects the board of directors and is responsible for budget law.

Ingeborg Prinzessin zu Schleswig-Holstein | Chairperson
Max Warburg | Vice Chairman
Prof. Dr. Dieter Dahlhoff
Désirée Jebsen
Holm Keller
Dr. Otto-Ferdinand Graf Kerssenbrock
Stephan Ph. Kühne
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Prinzessin von Oettingen
Dieter Plate
Johannes Freiherr von Salmuth
Alexander Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein
Christoph Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein
Fritz Graf von der Schulenburg
Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer
Robert Wilson
Marie-Alix Herzogin zu Schleswig-Holstein
| Honorary member

Our Mission


Acting responsibly, thinking creatively, meeting challenges with confidence, becoming as independent as possible, whilst at the same time remaining committed to the community- those are the expressed goals of our pedagogical work in Louisenlund.

In 1949 the Louisenlund Foundation was created, by the Friedrich, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, as a state-recognised, globally thinking boarding and grammar school. This global outlook continues today with Louisenlund being the only boarding school in Northern Germany which offers, not only the German Abitur but also the International Baccalaureate.

Louisenlund, an educational campus, situated in Northern Germany directly on the banks of the Schlei fjord, offers young people the chance to closely combine living, learning and achieving. Today Louisenlund is proud of around 370 students who are developing into citizens with strong personalities who will be equipped to take over positions of responsibility in the future.

Louisenlund achieves this through:

  • small learning groups with bilingual teaching and experiential learning, motivating students
  • a wide variety of learning opportunities enabling students to develop their individual personality
  • a motivated and qualified staff body
  • a system of individual mentoring
  • vocational training and internships
  • a scholarship programme for high achieving students

Learning to and being prepared to take on responsibility is a central theme in Louisenlund’s reform pedagogical concepts. Louisenlund offers many opportunities for students to experiment and to discover their potential, as well as to engage within the community.

Louisenlund is a globally-minded boarding school, full time grammar school and IB world School. Students come, not only from all corners of Germany but many parts of the world. As a member of Round Square, Louisenlund offers international exchanges for both students and staff, as well as participating in international projects.


For over 70 years Louisenlund has stood for academic success and leisure time in harmony with one another. In beautiful surroundings, directly on the banks of the Schlei fjord in Schleswig-Holstein the campus offers an ideal environment for young people to live and learn. Students choose between the German Abitur and the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is an excellent preparation for studying abroad. Growing up within the unique Louisenlund community gives students the ideal opportunity to develop into strong personalities. The intensive individual support and wide choice of subjects available opens many opportunities for further education and vocational training. Academic staff live alongside students and are on hand to advise and care for their charges, not only during school time but over and above.

Louisenlund is committed to helping young people become independent, globally minded, and committed personalities capable of taking on responsibility for themselves and for others.

Living, learning, and achieving, Louisenlund’s educational motto, defines itself through four guiding principles:


We believe that the central focus of education should be helping students to not just “become what they are”, but to “become what they want to be”. This means giving students as many opportunities as possible to develop their talents and fulfil their potential by trying out a wide variety of activities, academic and otherwise.

Bilingual teaching and intensive vocational training provide an ideal preparation for the future.

Internships as well as interview and assessment centre training compliment the academic programme. In preparation for the Abitur and subsequent further education students are trained in learning techniques. Louisenlund’s global outlook is reflected in the IB and the increasing number of international students and contacts to schools and projects overseas.

Through the global organisation, Round Square, students have the opportunity to visit partner schools worldwide and to take part in international service projects, thereby gaining unique experience.

As well as contact to schools in France, Poland, Russia, the Baltic countries and North America, participation in various projects including the European Youth Parliament widen students’ horizons and develop their international network.

Values developed in Louisenlund can be put into practice in the Debating and Politics Societies and in school assemblies, as well as in contact with other schools.


Louisenlund students develop into confident, critical thinkers who are ready to take on responsibility in society. This is a result of a wide variety of extra-curricular activities which complement the academic programme. These activities offer many opportunities for students to take on responsibility, demonstrate commitment and to improve their leadership skills. The individual student and the Louisenlund community are thus strengthened through these unique experiences.

The alumni association, Alt-Louisenlunder Bund enables students to benefit from a global network which can be of great use to them when starting out on their career. The alumni association also provides guidance to students whilst still at school and plays a role in the school development.


In addition to the academic programme, great importance is placed on social competence. Services such as THW (technical support), Fire Service, Red Cross and international service projects help students develop into responsible young adults. The service guilds work closely with the local community, which strengthens the relationship between the school and the local area.

As well as social competence, the school’s founders emphasised the importance of sailing (cutter and dinghy) as an ideal form of experiential learning for students of all ages. On the water students rely on each other, communicate and work as a team to achieve a common goal.

Further challenging extra-curricular activities include the Politics Society, (participation in the Model United Nations), the Drama Club, with its annual production, or the Debating Society or Environmental Working Group.

By the time a student graduates from Louisenlund they will have learnt a great deal about themselves. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and will have fulfilled their potential and be well prepared for the future. Through participation in guilds, Service, the Arts or Sport it is the students who bring the pedagogical concepts of the school to life.


No matter how much importance is placed on the school’s traditions and values, which remain largely unchanged, it is vital that we meet the global challenges of the future. Furthering internationalism, with focus on up and coming nations, such as China and Eastern Europe is therefore indispensable.

Furthermore, using natural resources in a responsible way and developing an awareness for the environment are topics covered by students, in lessons and project work, as Louisenlund strives to improve its ecological profile.

Students at Louisenlund learn to reflect and to think critically and to solve problems creatively. More than ever, in today’s digital world, it is important that young people are able to look beyond their own lives. Louisenlund aims to keep up with modern trends, whilst resisting being influenced by “one day wonders”. Students must be equipped to survive in a rapidly developing world.

Louisenlund prides itself with releasing into the future world, young people who understand the world of today, whilst contributing to the shaping of the world of tomorrow.

We are capable of more than we think. Once we have experienced that, we will no longer be content with less.
Kurt Hahn, Educator and Founder of Experiential Learning


The timeless vision for a promising future

At the end of World War II Germany was reduced to ashes. Cities lay in ruins and there was little hope for a better future. Duke Friedrich of Schleswig-Holstein, however, had a vision for a better future. Together with his friend, the reform pedagogue, Kurt Hahn, he realised this vision and, in 1949, founded the private boarding school, Louisenlund. His dream of an institution, in Schleswig-Holstein, which would provide a holistic and future orientated education remains at the centre of Louisenlund’s vision today. His successors, Duke Peter, Prince Christoph and Princess Ingeborg of Schleswig-Holstein remain true to this role model. The founding family carries on this vision from generation to generation, in close collaboration with a senior management team of modern and experienced educators.

Historical Masonic Park


At the end of the 18th century Landgrave Carl von Hessen-Kassel, governor of the Danish Crown in the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, had the Louisenlund Castle Park transformed into an English landscape garden.

Since then, the course of time has left its traces and secrets in two and a half centuries: symbolic Masonic garden architecture, the Louisenlund sundial, which actually models the universe, enigmatic foundations of an alchemist's tower and much more - right up to the more recent history of the castle and its listed outbuildings, which since 1949 have housed one of the best-known boarding schools in Germany.

We are happy to guide you through the history of Louisenlund and its present.

Public guided tours

The guided tours start at the parking lot of the forest chapel in Louisenlund. You can reach the car park via the access road of the B76 Ahrensberg/Louisenlund. There are plenty of parking spaces available. Please remember to wear sturdy shoes and clothing suitable for the weather. The guided tours last about 3 hours and are free of charge. A donation is however requested. 


You can reach Dr. Witzel from Monday to Thursday between 8.30 - 11.30 a.m..

Project Management Summercamp

Sigrid Redlefsen
P +49 4354 999-305


The Louisenlund team works passionately and with experience and innovation to give all students the best possible start into the future.

Parents’ Association

Pioneers, companions

When a student graduates, he receives congratulations from all round. However, it is important to remember that, not only the student and the educational staff, but also his or her parents deserve congratulations. Parents, who choose Louisenlund for their child, have chosen, with great care and thought, the best possible education for their child’s future.

The Parents’ Association is on hand to advise, inform and awake the interest of other parents who may be new to Louisenlund. Respecting the wishes of parents is a vital part of the important relationship between parents and staff.

In regular meetings, ideas and problems are discussed and information from the school is passed on to the Parents’ Association. The meetings are available for all parents. (Login required)

Kai Drößler

Vice chair
Klaus Sälzer

Ann-Katrin Steinmann