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Entrepreneurship at Louisenlund: Rwanda Guild eSG recipient of school awards

Business success is based on sound economic and entrepreneurial knowledge. At Louisenlund we are convinced that the earlier young people acquire economic expertise and a sense of entrepreneurship and business, the better. Our students can put what they have learned in the classroom directly into practice in hands-on projects. One of these projects is the Louisenlund Rwanda Guild eSG, which received two school awards in November 2020, ranking first in the 2020 North German School Awards and fourth in the 2020 German Nationwide School Awards.

In the economically-oriented education project, students provide development aid in Rwanda and support the construction of a school in Ntarama. To finance the project, they import coffee from the Gitesi plantation and roast it at Louisenlund. They are also responsible for purchasing, marketing and distributing the coffee. The educational project aims to provide an insight into the entire value chain as well as fair world trade, ethical entrepreneurship and ecological and social sustainability. The young coffee entrepreneurs founded the registered student cooperative Rwanda Guild eSG - the first of its kind in Schleswig-Holstein - in 2019

Louisenlund Rwanda Guild eSG the winner of the 2020 North German School Awards and ranking highly in the German Nationwide Student Company Contest.

At the North German School Awards for business juniors, the Louisenlund Rwanda Guild eSG left a very favourable impression in every respect, achieving first prize. With their pronounced entrepreneurial spirit, our students prevailed over 21 competitors from Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Bremen. The jury praised the Louisenlund educational project for the way in which it imparted economic theory and an understanding of how the business world works, the motivation and identification of perspectives for nurturing entrepreneurial autonomy, the strengthening of practical relevance and the kindling of a spirit of entrepreneurship in our students. Indeed, the Louisenlund Rwanda Guild eSG even managed to make it into the top 5 in the nationwide German student company contest, achieving a commendable fourth place. In the nationwide contest, in which student companies trading in real products or services are eligible to participate, the jury acknowledged the educational project, praising Louisenlund’s commitment to bringing an entrepreneurial spirit into schools, encouraging young entrepreneurs and arousing their interest in independence and business acumen.

The Rwanda Guild is just one of many educational projects at Louisenlund to enable young people to meet the economic and social challenges of the future and actively shape the world. You can learn more about Louisenlund, where children can continue to build and develop talents and passions, as well as gain important experience for their future careers, at aufnahme@louisenlund.de or by phone under +49 (0)4354 999333.